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Hacking Organizations: Phishing Not Required by Ben Sadeghipour, Adam Langley & John Hammond

Date: April 10 & 11 2024
On-Site (In-Person)
2 Day


Hacking Organizations: Phishing Not Required” is a comprehensive course designed to teach students how to identify vulnerabilities in web applications and digital assets from an external perspective. The first day of the course is covering the ten most common vulnerabilities found in web applications as well as principles of reconnaissance. On the second day, students will apply these skills to develop a technique for identifying impactful vulnerabilities that potentially allow access to an organization's internal infrastructure. This training is appropriate for anyone interested in web application penetration testing, bug bounties, or joining a red team with a web and reconnaissance focus.

Trainer Bio

Ben Sadeghipour, also known as NahamSec, is a hacker, content creator, trainer, public speaker, and conference organizer. He has extensive experience in ethical hacking and bug bounty hunting, having identified and exploited thousands of security vulnerabilities for companies such as Apple, Yahoo, Google, Airbnb, Snapchat, the US Department of Defense, and Yelp. Sadeghipour was formerly the head of Hacker Education at HackerOne. In addition to his professional pursuits, Sadeghipour also creates content on YouTube and Twitch to help others get into ethical hacking, bug bounty, web hacking and reconnaissance.

Adam Langley worked in the realms of web development and web application security for the past 20 years. He creates educational content such as interactive labs, Capture The Flag (CTF) events and gamified learning experiences.

John Hammond is a cybersecurity researcher, educator and content creator. As part of the Research & Development Threat Operations team at Huntress, John spends his days analyzing malware and making hackers earn their access. Previously, as a Department of Defense Cyber Training Academy instructor, he taught the Cyber Threat Emulation course, educating both civilian and military members on offensive Python, PowerShell, other scripting languages and the adversarial mindset. He has developed training material and information security challenges for events such as PicoCTF and competitions at DEFCON US. John speaks at security conferences such as BsidesNoVA, to students at colleges such as the US Naval Academy, and other online events including the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge/KringleCon. He is an online YouTube personality showcasing programming tutorials, CTF video walkthroughs and other cyber security content.

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