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Competitions & Villages

| Periwinkle Village

We coined this CTF style event Periwinkle village.  We wanted to provide a purple team experience with realistic items you can take back to your corporation.   The CTF environment will have around 100 questions.

On the 14th (Free Training Day) will be limited to the non-lab '101' and '201' questions part of the CTF.  These are cyber security, sysadmin, web app, and network admin general questions.

On the 15th the day of the conference, we will grant teams access to an Arkime instance to figure out what type of attacks performed and other supplementing information to answer the '301' and '401' questions.

The Arkime instance is a full packet capture and additionally will have Suricata IDS events.  You will perform incident response and break down the attack methods.  We will be doing a full write up after the conference to make it easier for other people provide this type of event.  The write up will be modular to encourage use of their own flavor of tools and methods.


The team at MetaCTF is excited to run the Capture the Flag competition at Hack Space Con '23! Our jeopardy-style CTF will have plenty of challenges for participants at all skill levels, so whether you're a seasoned CTF player or a beginner, there will be something for you! CTFs are a great way to learn, and our goal is for you to walk away with some new tools, techniques, and skills. You'll need a laptop to participate. Teams can have up to 4 people, or you may compete as an individual. If you like to come prepared, check out the brief guide at

| Dark Wolf CTF

The team at Dark Wolf Solutions is now running an Offensive Security Capture the Flag competition at Hack Space Con '23!

  • Capacity is Limited

  • Registration Open until April 14th, 11:00 AM EST 

  • Competition Begins at April 14th, 12:00 PM EST

  •  Competition Ends on April 15th, 9:00 PM EST

  • Winners Recieve:

    • HSC Black Badge

    • Free HSC Ticket to next years conference

    • Training Vouchers

    • Swag

| Covert Entry CTF

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