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Competitions & Villages


White Knight Labs & RedSeer

Security Professionals are invited from across the cosmos to engage in a thrilling adventure and embark on an interstellar journey with Event Horizon Service. The participants will deep dive into the complexity of Microsoft Azure's services while navigating through a maze of security challenges within the Azure environment. They will utilize their skills to unravel the mysteries and overcome the obstacles presented to them.



Starts on 25th March 2024 - 9:00 AM EST

Ends on 13th April 2024 - 6:00 PM EST


CTF Difficulty Level:

The CTF is designed to take you on a roller coaster ride where each twist and turn presents a new challenge, keeping participants on their toes throughout the journey.

By immersing participants in this roller coaster ride of challenges, the CTF not only tests their technical abilities but also fosters creativity and resilience. It's an exhilarating journey that pushes participants to their limits and rewards them with valuable insights and experiences along the way.



There are a total of 17 flags.

All flags have the following format: flag{abc}



The first person to submit all the flags before the HackSpaceCon event will get a free seat for the Offensive Development or Advance Red Team Operation course at HackSpaceCon from White Knight Labs.

Additionally, the winner will also get Swag.



If you discover a bug that affects the competition, let us know instead of acting maliciously (deleting flags, breaking the challenge deliberately, etc).

Lastly, do not ask or share flags with others. Be a l33t hacker and capture the flags with your sk177z.

CTF Webpage:


Dark Wolf Solutions 

Dark Wolf Solutions is hosting a Radio Frequency Capture the Flag (RFCTF) at HackSpaceCon 
Similar to the RFCTF at DEF CON, this CTF can be played completely virtually without any specialized equipment. A laptop with internet access is all that is required to login to your individual virtual machine through ssh or the web. A basic understanding of Linux and the wireless tools already installed on the player's virtual machine is enough to get you started. Most of the challenges will be centered on 802.11 wifi hacking techniques; sniff, crack, spoof, or tamper your way to a wifi flag. There will be a limited number of non-wifi radio challenges that will require additional software tools such as GNU RadioCompanion and or other radio software to decode. While the CTF is played over the internet, Dark Wolf will have assistants available on-site to help you register, connect, walk you through initial challenges or provide hints at our discretion. 
This RFCTF is based on the same code written by the Radio Frequency Hackers Sanctuary and run at events such as DEF CON and Shmoocon and used with their permission. Dark Wolf has prepared all the challenges presented to you at HackSpaceCon. 

Florida Tech’s FITSEC Team

The Space Heroes CTF is an online jeopardy style Capture the Flag competition hosted by the FITSEC Team From Florida Tech. 

This exciting and fun Capture The Flag event is suitable for all skill levels and includes challenges in pwn, reverse engineering, forensics, crypto and web hacking categories.

The Space Heroes CTF includes all difficulty level problems for pwn, re, forensics, crypto and web.

Space Race Competition

In a Russia vs USA Coldwar themed challenge those with the right stuff will race to escape handcuffs, pick a door lock, and gain access to “advanced space weapons” to shoot down their opponents' satellite with the first one to make it back to Earth winning each round.


This will be a Final 4 style bracketed event with the final competitors facing off to take home a trophy and a HackSpaceCon Black Badge.

Signups on sight at the Lockpick Village, so stop by early to qualify and get a spot in THE SPACE RACE!


Adversary Village

Choose-your-own adversary adventure game! 

Adversary adventure is a story-scenario based, interactive, choose-your-own adventure model interactive game. This is a gamified version of table-top exercises which is presented to the participants as they can choose to play as an attacker, post exploitation OR a Defender who is defending against an attacker group-threat actor OR even play as a CISO who is dealing with an adversarial situation such as a ransomware incident. 

Adversary simulator hands-on booth 

Adversary Simulator booth will have hands-on adversary emulation plans specific to a wide variety of threat-actors and ransomware; these are meant to provide the participants/visitors with a better understanding of the adversary tactics. This is a volunteer assisted activity where anyone, both management executives and technical folks can come-in and experience different categories of simulation, emulation and purple scenarios. Adversary Simulator booth will be having a lab environment focused on
recreating enterprise infrastructure, aimed at emulating various adversaries. The booth visitors will be able to view, simulate and control various TTPs used by adversaries. The simulator is meant to be a learning experience, irrespective of whether one is hands-on with highly sophisticated attack tactics or from the management.

Hands-on short technical workshops 

The hands-on workshop has been created to provide the participants with a better understanding of adversary emulation engagements. The participants will be able to emulate various threat-actors and ransomware safely in a controlled, enterprise level environment, safely. All machines in the lab environment will be equipped with AV, Web proxy, EDR and other Defense systems. The workshop will have modules of TTPs and each attack vector used in the lab environment and step-by-step walk-through of the attack path. The workshop is intended to help the attendees to assess the defenses and evaluate the security controls deployed in their organization against motivated adversaries.


Mentor & Career Village & DeadPixelSec

Explore career growth and guidance at Hack Space Con 2024's Mentor/Career Village!


This space connects attendees with industry experts for mentorship, career advice, and networking opportunities. It's an ideal platform for professionals at all stages of their career to gain insights, discuss challenges, and explore new paths in the cybersecurity and tech fields. Don't miss the chance to engage with mentors and shape your professional journey!

Dead Pixel Sec, a dynamic cybersecurity community known for its collaborative approach, actively uses Mentor Villages at hacker conferences to help aspiring individuals enter the information security (infosec) field. Here's how they optimize this valuable platform: 

Targeted Mentorship: 

Dead Pixel uses its diverse membership to give conference attendees access to mentors specializing in various infosec domains. Whether your interest lies in offensive security, penetration testing, or incident response, you'll find a mentor with the expertise to guide you. 

Beyond Technical Skills: 

Dead Pixel mentors offer more than technical knowledge. They understand the obstacles newcomers face and provide advice on career paths, resume building, interview preparation, and navigating the infosec job market. 


Building Confidence and Community: 

The supportive environment of the Mentor Villages, cultivated by Dead Pixel, helps newcomers overcome self-doubt and build confidence. Mentors provide encouragement and connect attendees with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging within the broader infosec community. 

Practical Workshops and Resources: 

Dead Pixel routinely organizes workshops and resource sessions within the Mentor Village. These equip attendees with practical skills and valuable tools to begin their infosec journey.  

Showcasing Member Expertise: 

Dead Pixel members actively participate in Mentor Villages, not only as mentees but as mentors as well. This enables them to share their knowledge, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the community's growth.

Dead Pixel Sec was started in March 2019 as a community that developed around The Blind Hacker and his journey as a visually impaired infosec professional. Dead Pixel Sec began as a CTF (Capture the Flag) team on discord that has grown into a full collaborative community that, at its core, about sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources to help everyone learn and be the best they can be. 

Members range in experience from beginner to professional and bring a breadth of knowledge whether it is from a hobbyist perspective, development, red team, blue team, system administration, or even project management. 

We are a group of Infosec enthusiasts who have a passion for learning and helping others as well as getting into mischief. Several members of our group stream on podcasts or twitch as well. Be sure to look us up! 


Build Cyber is a non profit cyber security education foundation that is built by a global hacking community of technical professionals with the mission of disrupting education by funding and developing the distribution of cyber security knowledge.

Our goal is to leverage resources, connections and experience to help train the future generations of diverse security professionals with free voucher certification programs, global mentoring networks and workforce development. Our only ask is that our students become a mentor to another. This in turn creates a recursive model of education without putting students into debt.


Build Cyber hosts free video education content, archives technical resources and connects users with one-on-one mentors and industry professionals. We strive to impact low income, veteran, neurodiverse and at-risk communities.

Our team believes in rolling up our sleeves and building the cyber community collectively. We are looking for security content creators, mentors, and technical professionals to leverage our platform, grow our influence and train 1000 people over the next 10 years. Do the math, 1000 students x $100k salary x 10 years = $100,000,000 in economic development. 

Lockpick Village

Toool Orlando &
Florida chapter of The Open Organization of Lockpickers
  • Twitter

The Lockpicking Village at Hack Space Con 2024 is a hub for those interested in the art and science of lockpicking. This interactive space offers a hands-on experience where attendees can learn and practice lockpicking skills. It's an excellent opportunity for beginners to get introduced to the basics and for experts to share advanced techniques. This village emphasizes the educational aspect of lockpicking, highlighting both its practical applications and its role in understanding security vulnerabilities.



Hardware Hacking Village


At Hack Space Con 2024, the Hardware Hacking Village is a dedicated area where attendees can engage in hands-on exploration and learning about hardware hacking. It's a space where participants, regardless of their skill level, can delve into the world of hardware, experiment with tools and techniques, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts. This village is ideal for those interested in understanding how hardware works, learning how to manipulate and modify it, and exploring the intersections between hardware and cybersecurity. It's a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge in a dynamic and supportive environment...and mod our awesome conference badges! 

Drone Village

Dark Wolf Solutions

The Drone Hacking Village at Hack Space Con 2024 offers an exciting space for enthusiasts and professionals to explore the world of drone technology. This village is designed for hands-on experience in understanding, modifying, and exploiting drone systems. Attendees can learn about the vulnerabilities in drone technology, how to secure them against threats, and the latest in drone hacking techniques. It's a unique opportunity for networking, sharing knowledge, and staying updated on the latest developments in drone security.

Red Team Village

The Red Team Village stands as a hub for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to advancing offensive security practices. Comprised of skilled red teamers, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity experts, the Red Team Village aims to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development within the realm of offensive security. With a focus on hands-on experiences, interactive workshops, and real-world scenarios, the community serves as a platform for individuals to hone their red teaming skills and stay abreast of the latest techniques and tools in the cybersecurity landscape. The Red Team Village is not just a collective, but a vibrant ecosystem that empowers its members to excel in the ever-evolving field of offensive security. 

Mental Health Village

The Mental Health Village at Hack Space Con 2024 is a dedicated area focused on promoting mental well-being in the tech community. This village offers a safe and supportive environment where attendees can learn about mental health, share experiences, and access resources. It emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness, self-care, and community support, especially in high-stress industries like cybersecurity and technology. Stop by and take some deep relaxing breaths with us in our good vibes only village. 

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