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Next Level OSINT by Mishaal Khan

Date: April 10 & 11 2024
On-Site (In-Person)
2 Day


Whether you’re performing background checks, researching partners or competitors, hunting missing persons or criminals, getting leverage on lawsuits, or becoming a better ethical hacker, this course takes you through advanced online investigative techniques to boost your efforts. It also provides examples of offline search techniques and how to think outside the box. Every technique is explained extensively with live examples. There are plenty of smart hacks and techniques you can utilize to get some unexpected and useful information. 

The course progresses from basic to very advanced practical OSINT techniques that you can use in your investigative routine. No special software, operating system, or paid licenses are required. Bookmarks for all tools and websites used will be provided for quick access.

Who Should Attend This Training and What Are The Key Take Aways

Anyone interested in digging up information or performing fast online searches should take this course. Some professional fields that utilize OSINT in their jobs include Pentesters, Threat Hunters, Journalists, Investigators, Marketing Researchers, Human Resources, Bounty Hunters, Law Enforcement, Red Teams, Blue Teams, Lawyers, and Missing Person Investigations. Key takeaways: Converting data into intelligence, A practical workflow and managing the abundance of data, Using the right tools and techniques to get validated results.

Topics Covered Includes

  • Investigate using seed information like usernames, phone numbers, names, or emails. 

  • Learn to pivot to new information 

  • Utilize different search engines for varying results 

  • Validate using government records 

  • Use APIs for deeper information gathering 

  • Use automation for quicker searches across a broader spectrum 

  • Search through breached data 

  • Identify hidden accounts using correlation 

  • Create a mind map of data 

  • Create and maintain sock puppet accounts 

  • Compile a report 

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